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  • Reinhard Dippelreither; "Tansania, Sansibar"; Conrad Stein Verlag, Kronshagen; ISBN 3893922695 (EUR 19,90)
    I can recommend this book without reservation. Clear travel information, which facilitates the preparation, detailed regional studies and description of places, objects of interest and national parks, as well as the extremely practical format lets it become for years an indispensable aid for Tanzania journeys. For "backpack travelers" is this book a must!
  • Jörg Gabriel; "Tansania, Sansibar"; Reise Know-How Verlag Därr, Hohenthann; ISBN 3831711380 (EUR 25,00)
    For the first time at the beginning of 1999 appeared. It is somewhat thicker and larger than the first mentioned, which is to due mainly to the inserted anecdotes of the author. I had to state that in particular partially quite substantially from the reality it removes the price information (hotel, guesthouses, travel costses) was situated (much too highly set). This book I would recommend rather overall travelers.
    From the 2nd edition there is not any longer a wide difference to the first book.
  • Mary Fitzpatrick; "Tanzania", Lonely Planet , UK; ISBN: 0864427263 ($ 19,99)
  • "Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda" Maßstab 1 : 2 Mio.; Kartographische Anstalt Freytag-Berndt u. Artaria, Wien; ISBN: 3-85084-221-5 (EUR 9,45)
  • "Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi" Maßstab 1 : 1,4 Mio.; Nelles Maps; ISBN: 3886185591 (EUR 7,90)